Friday, February 17, 2012

New Podcast: The Radical Rascals

This is just a quick entry to plug a new podcast endeavor that myself and a good friend of mine, Andy, have undertaken. Andy and I are both avid video game fans as well as connoisseurs of nerd culture in general, so it seems fitting that we should be doing a podcast together. The podcast is called "The Radical Rascals" and the title is reference to our rather strong and and somewhat mischievous personalities. The main focus of the podcast is video games and the gaming industry, however we break out of that mold and discuss other topics such as books, movies, TV shows and basically whatever else we are into. Done in loose but structured style, we aim to keep the podcast focused and relevant, however we allow plenty of room for side-tangents and deviations. In short, it's basically two cheeky chappies sitting down and having a chat...via Skype and about 5 hours apart since I am in Canada and Andy is in the UK. You get the idea.

If you just want to delve right into the good stuff, here is the first podcast that we posted on YouTube:


The direct link to our YouTube page can be found HERE. You can also find the podcast on iTunes by clicking HERE, or if you prefer the podcast in MP3 format, mosey on over to HERE and download it directly. Future episodes will also be uploaded in these places, so pick your poison and subscribe to be kept up to date on our content. If you are on Twitter, follow us on by clicking HERE. That's the last of the links, we promise.
It should be noted that this is an uncensored podcast and our tendency to use naughty language and sexual innuendos is out in full force here. If you are easily offended or object to politically incorrect and often crass humor, it goes without saying that this is not the podcast for you. It is also worth noting that this is, at least as of this blog posting, our first episode and there is obviously room for improvement. Some areas we are aware of and are hoping to tweak in future episodes, others we glean from feedback provided by the communities.

For the time being, that is all. As noted above, we depend on listeners to tell us what they think, so we welcome any and all feedback whether it be positive or negative. We will also be posting regular questions for discussion topics, so do follow us on Twitter to take part in that, and we will be looking at bringing on guest once we get settled in.

Until next time, The Radical Rascals signing out!

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