Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Review: The Last Rocket (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad) - Review by SplatterTrigger

Very rarely do I come across a game that pulls at my nostalgic video game roots at the way that The Last Rocket did.This is an iOS puzzle/platformer that is only available for your iPhone,iPAD and iPOD Touch. Gleaming with 8-bit charm and catchy chip tunes I instantly fell in love with this enjoyable game. But before I continue to gush about it let's clear up the basics.

You play as Flip,the Last Rocket,and your goal is to collect scattered memory bits. The scattered memory bits will aid the on board Autonomous Mechanical Intelligence (AMI)escape before a ship tumbles into a star.The story does take a backseat somewhat but you can get different endings depending on how you complete the game. Each level takes up a single screen with a combined number of 64 levels with 8 per stage. A puzzle in essence is the level itself. Honestly figuring a majority of them out isn't to much of a challenge (until the later stages). Trying to collect all the gears (some are hidden)in each level; along with mastering a great deal of coordination and reflexes; is were the true challenge lies. And believe me you WILL be challenged! But not to the point of complete frustration. One of The Last Rocket's charm is the ability to frustrate you but not to the point of tossing your iOS device away. For some reason you'll find yourself diving right back in after a death.

Controls are handled by a simple touch or swipe to move Flip.Swiping will cause Flip to side step; to a limited degree; depending on the environment's restrictions. By a simple touch Flip will blast off the surface. Touching again will send Flip in a reverse direction. Using these two mechanics is key to solving the games puzzles and collecting the gears for AMI. Mixing them in with moving platforms,spikes,air vents and flame jets ,to name a few, only heightens your precise timing.

8-bit graphics bring a very retro feel to The Last Rocket. Especially to those of us that hail from the 8-bit gaming generation. Original chip tunes also add to the retro feel. Shaun Inman did an incredible one man job(and YES he did the music as well) of creating The Last Rocket.For $2.99 this indie video game is a steal in my opinion.

Now only to to better my time.....

Check out The Last Rocket here

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